CybFest NW 2016

Special Guests

Josh Burcham is a comic book artist and a long-time contributer to Transformers. He is currently working with IDW on Sins of the Wreckers and Ongoing. He also worked on many other titles including The animated movie adaptation, TF Animated, Last Stand of the Wreckers, MTMTE, RiD 2016, and many more. Hes also done work for Fun Publications and Dreamwave. Outside of Transformers, he is working on the Samurai Jack comic. He will have a table at CybFest NW 2016 and will be participating in a Q&A panel. So come to CybFest NW to meet him and check out his amazing work.

Toy Dojo is an online retailer that specializes in Japanese Transformers and many other imported robots figures, though they also carry many other toys that represent pop culture today. After many years of working under the name edbomberToys, they decided to switch to a name that represents their desire to be the place that collectors gather to get all of their toys. Toy Dojo will have a table at CybFest NW 2014 where they will have items for sale.

Ages 3+ Up is a retail and online store, carrying a large selection of Japanese-imported Transformer collectibles, from re-issues of the original Transformers, to the most recent Transformer releases, to hard-to-find Transformers for intense collectors. Their retail store is located in Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.